Parable of the Lamp 🎤

Parables of Jesus
Parables of Jesus

Parable of the Lamp: If you are new to this series, we are analyzing 39 parables from the teachings of Jesus. Through this series, we will take each one and break it down to make it easier to understand its meaning. Just a note, Jesus was divine and had infinite knowledge. We do not presume that this is the only interpretation of this parable, but it is ours, and we hope it helps.

Parable of the Lamp

Matthew 5: 14-16 NIV

Light’s Purpose

What is the purpose for having a light? The most obvious reason is to get you out of the dark. As we read this parable, we understand that light has a reason for existing and should not be denied its purpose which is to replace darkness.

In the parable, Jesus uses the example of a lamp. It is brought into a dark place so that it can shine. If the light is placed under something, the light will be diminished and would defeat the reason for having it. It should be placed so that it can be seen and used by everyone.

Jesus and the Light

Now, lets draw some connections between the light and Jesus. Jesus Christ is the light that will illuminate your path. He came into the world to be the light in your darkness. His purpose was not meant to be hidden. He provides light when you most need it. You should guard the light and ensure it does not waver in your heart. For Jesus is the only true light in the darkness that is everything not of God. He tells His disciples that they are also the light which He has given them, and that they are to go shine that light to the world to glorify God the Father.

Now that we have defined the light in the parable, there is another conclusion that we can draw from it. Just as you should not hide the light, you should find others to give it to and ensure it is not hindered in any way from shining.

Share the Light

As Christians, the light should be shared with others and they will take on some of the light for themselves. Using the Christian teachings, this light can spread and can grow.

The light will guide others to the light of the kingdom through the word of God; the truth will be revealed to the whole world.

The key idea of the parable is that “Light is to be revealed, not concealed.” If you have the opportunity to show God’s light, you should do it.

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