Daily Devotion – Commandments-Friends and Understanding

Psalms 41:9 NIV

“Even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against me.”

We all have friends, some friends are what we call our best friends. These are friends we trust our darkest secrets to. These are the friends we would go to bat for in any situation and we trust they would do the same for us. Right? 

There is a sermon from a local church that was teaching on the Ten Commandments, the number one commandment is there should be NO other gods before me. Are there other gods? Yes there actually are if we place them in that category. Is there anyone or thing in your life you idolize or look up to, maybe even put before God?  

The sermon explains how we continually put people or things before God. Ultimately making that person or thing a god we idolize. Anything you give priority  to or idolize over God is inching into becoming your god or your idol, which also goes against the 2nd commandment of not making / worshipping idols. 

We must be very careful in the lines of friends, family, work, activities, etc. Anything we tend to put first in our life even before God. This becomes an issue in keeping Gods commandments. Our children and our spouse can be our priority as long as God is the first priority in everything we do. Allow God to walk you through every aspect of your life including relationships with your spouse, children, friends and other family members. 

Let’s go back to looking at our best friend. Many times we look at them as if they were the gospel themselves. They are fun. They can be reliable, and they would never let you down. Right? But how true is this in reality? When we read Psalms 41:9 NIV everyone was against David including his “best friend”. 

God is the one who will always come through for you. God is the one always by your side. He always answers your prayers, maybe not exactly the way we anticipate or want but he always answers them in the direction that is best for your life. Gods WILL be done, because God has a perfect plan for us. We may not always see it that way but in years to come, in many cases, we will be privileged to see the why behind the answer. 

In my personal life I have witnessed and seen the answers to my prayers as a “no” or a “not yet” not understanding why. Years later I look back and I see the path that some of my pleads would have taken me, realizing I am exactly where God needs me to be.

I am blessed to not be on any other path. I am blessed for the “no” answers. God restores me and God guides me. I pray you allow him to guide you today, tomorrow and always.

Karan, Devout follower of Christ