Daily Devotion – Practice God’s Word 🎀

Yes, we call the Bible the written word of God and of course it is. We, as Christians, believe this unquestionably. We use it for guidance, for inspiration, and for understanding.

It is also known that the word of God is alive and active and it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12. It is the filter by which we should live.

It is important to note that while God’s word is written on paper, it was not meant to stay that way. To truly understand the word of God, you must make the word alive in your heart and actions, and experience it. Then only will you truly understand its meaning.

You will understand that love, as described by Christ, is unconditional to everyone. You will understand how to apply faith to your most troublesome moments in life when you feel like there is no hope, and you will understand that trust is best received when it is given. Obedience to God is not just trying to do the good things but to live as Jesus lived.

To practice God’s word, you must know what it says. If you are using the Bible only to quote verses to yourself or others, you might be missing the big picture. Understand that Jesus lived as an example for us to follow, and that example is written in great detail across four books of the Bible, and it is an incredible experience that is meant for us to fully explore.

For example, do great things in the name of Christ but do them with humility. As it is written, do not brag about the good you do for any reward you seek by bragging is all you will ever get. Something else you will learn. While sin is against God, humility is against Satan. Satan can’t stand to be around humility and will strive to make sure you avoid it just as God gave you his only Son to ensure you had a path away from sin so he could have a relationship with you.

You will also know that faith is not given but comes from inside you and your own understanding. That understanding comes from believing that Christ is the Son of God. Can the word of God help you in your journey to understand faith? For sure but by examples only.

But to truly get it, you will need to practice the scripture with faith and allow God to move in your works so that you can experience the true understanding of God and His wonders. And from the book of John 1:14, β€œAnd the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.”