Episode 4 – Focus on whats Important

The Book of James in the Bible, hits us right in the face with this ominous truth. When we are living a worldly lifestyle, we set ourselves against the will of God and miss out on God’s wisdom and guidance.

We are put into this world, not by our choice but by God’s choice. We begin with a soul full of sin because of the fall in the beginning, but through understanding of God’s grace, we are expected to rise above that worldly understanding to a position near God.

Worldly sin and disobedience to God separates us from knowing God and earning his guidance and blessing.

Ok, so how can we access the Spirit inside of us and live set apart from the world, the world that we are expected to live in?

We desire so many things in the world. Relationships, friends, achievements, awards, attention, and many other things. We are surrounded by a culture that tell us “Treat yourself”, and “do whatever you want to do”, and “be true to yourselves.” But, living in a manner that chases those ideas can actually lead to some very dark places. Chasing after the temporary things of this world finds us more alone and more depressed than before because those desires don’t truly satisfy.