God says you are: Empowered

Philippians 4:13

“I can do all this through him who gives me strength”

This is a very powerful statement but it is important to know who the “him” is in this verse and where the strength flows from. The Him in this verse is our God and the strength flows from faith in Him who gives all things freely. Faith is one of the most powerful strengths in the Bible. With it, you can move mountains, you can make blind people see, and the crippled and lame walk without issue. But how do you get this type of faith? Faith comes from knowing, not just thinking, that Jesus is the true and only Son of God.

When you obtain true faith, it is a very overwhelming feeling. Your faith will withstand any attack from the enemy because you have knowledge to back it up. Faith is denying everything else for what you believe. When you hear thunder, you have understanding that it will rain soon. When you touch fire, you know it will burn. Applying that same knowledge and understanding of just knowing it is true, the faith that Jesus is the Son of God and He cares about you, will give you great faith, and when you have God on your side, who can stand against you. That is truly empowered.