Daily Devotion – Dealing with complex Anxiety 🎤

God’s goodness isn’t based on what we see, hear, or feel. It’s just based on His goodness.

Our thoughts are powerful. They impact our decisions, change our perspective, and influence our conversations with others. Negative and unhealthy thinking causes us to get trapped by our thoughts with, what we believe is little chance for escape.

Our lives are always moving in the direction of our strongest thoughts. The life we have is a reflection of the thoughts we think. For example, if you think you can’t, you probably won’t but if you think you can, you most likely will.

If you dwell on your problem, it is a sure bet that they will overwhelm you but if you, instead, look for solutions, you will find some. Herein lies the battlefield. Most battles are won or lost in our minds. What we think determines who we become.

Worried thinking can be contrasted against peaceful thinking. For example, worried people are consumed with what people might think of you, your kid’s performance, what the future might hold, finances, job performance, and of course your health. However, peaceful thinking is more along the lines of doing what you can, trust that God has things under control, and allows full peace to be reached.

Another category can be negative thinking vs positive thinking. Negative thinkers often times are very critical of other people, pretty much find fault with everything, are very discontented, hard to please, and always seem to be busy in everyone else’s business. However, on the positive thinkers, they see the best in people, believe life is good, and are always optimistic for a bright future.

Remember, what comes into your mind, comes out in your life. No matter what you do, what you have, who you know, what you buy, where you live, where you travel, you can’t have a positive life when you have a negative mind.

So, the question, are you excited about the direction your thoughts are taking you? If not, it is time for some changes in your thinking.

One of the first tasks is to find the biggest challenge that is holding you back. Maybe you feel you are not good enough, or your past is too bad to fix, or maybe it’s that you can’t trust anyone, maybe it’s your self-image, or you are not good with money, or you can’t get close to God, maybe you have never loved your job, or you just can’t find that right relationship. Whatever the reason, these can be poison in your mind.

The science of it. When you have a thought in your brain, the physical result is that your body wants to help make it easier to have that thought again so it alters your mind through a chemical process. With that understanding, you can see what happens when you think negative thoughts. Your brain just continues to make it easier to have those thoughts. The more you think that thought, the easier it is.

That thinking can be reversed. Not only can it be reversed, when you start thinking positive thoughts, you get a little reward in the form of a chemical called dopamine. An example is when someone says something nice to you and you get that good feeling? Dopamine. When you feel good about something you did? Dopamine.

Changing the negative thinking to positive thinking is a formal process that you must force yourself to do. You have to change the thinking habits and create a new path in the brain. For example, you have a frustrating day at work, your first response might be pure chaos or to yell. A more positive way to deal with it would be to pause, pray for patience, and maybe even get a hug.

Maybe you feel bad about yourself and your first reaction is to eat your comfort food of cake, chips, ice cream, vs the positive thinking of going for a walk or doing a workout.

Maybe you are bored so you decide to scroll through Instagram vs maybe open up the Bible and find some verses to give you inspiration.

Again, the same thing begins to happen. The more you think positive thoughts, the easier it is to think them.

All negative thinking are lies that are placed in your mind by the enemy to keep you right where he wants you. For you to fight back, you must replace those lies with truths. Make no mistake, this is a battle against good and evil. Evil has a stronghold in your mind and the truth is your weapon and it will set you free. The question becomes, can you fight this battle alone?

So, what is the truth? If you are wondering where the truth comes from, you need not look any further than the Word of God. Here are some examples that you can lean on…

Lie: I am not enough.

Truth: 2 Peter 1:3 “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life.”

John 8:32 “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

More truth:

Lie: Can’t get it all done

Truth: You can do all things through Christ

Lie: Not attractive or don’t like the way I look

Truth: God made you and God makes everything perfect

Lie: I am miserable

Truth: Joy of the Lord is my strength

Lie: Feel all alone

Truth: My God is with me and will never leave me

Lie: I am a victim

Truth: I am an overcomer and I will not be who the enemy says I should be

What comes to mind comes out in life. You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind. To fight the battle, capture the lies and replace them with truth. Don’t just think it. Say it, right it down, repeat it over and over, and most importantly, believe it. Lastly, don’t stay locked in a prison.

Remember, Jesus has the keys to set you free.