Daily Devotion – How to be Blessed 🎀

Psalms 1:1 NIV β€œBlessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers;”

Show me the company you keep and I will show you your future. This saying still holds true today. Whether you are a Christian or not, understanding what you allow to influence your life is critical to the direction you travel. Psalms 1:1 is broken down into three influences you should be mindful of. The first word is what you should be striving for which is blessed.

To be blessed, do not walk in step with the wicked. Wicked can also mean ungodly. If you find yourself with the wrong group of people, often times, this can lead you down the same path. It really doesn’t take long to begin to think the same as they think and pretty soon, you are asking those same people for life advice and counsel.

To be blessed, do not stand in the way that sinners take. Every day we are forced to make decisions that will impact lives around us, including ours. Those decisions, without the proper council, are often influenced by the worldly things around us.

To be blessed, do not sit in the company of mockers. If someone around you or the group you are in have a bad attitude, it is surly to influence your thinking. Being exposed to negative attitudes and experiences can help make what is wrong seem right.

So, to be blessed, do not lean on your own understanding or others counsel and avoid the path that leads to destruction. There should only be one influence in your life. Understanding, counsel, and influence comes from the Holy Bible which is God’s word. Godly direction is demonstrated by Jesus, the Son of God. God’s counsel is always available as God cares about you. Walk in the way of Jesus and let the scripture be your guide.