Daily Devotion – Humble at the Last Supper

John 13:1-12

Do you understand what I have done for you? That was the question to the disciples before the evening Passover meal, what we have dubbed the Last Supper.

It was always proper in the times of Jesus to wash your feet just after entering a house or for sure before you ate. No cars, sandals or barefoot, and dirt roads where the biggest reason. Usually it was done by yourself or on special occasions buy a servant or slave.

By washing the feet of the Disciples, Jesus, the Master and Lord, humbled Himself to be beneath the Disciples to demonstrate that a master should humble himself to the servant. It shows that we should always be humble and remember that we are all here to serve. This activity is something that His Disciples would not have ever considered, especially someone with a lower status. Follow the example of Jesus and remember, to serve is to be served.

Do not be above anyone or proclaim that you are master to your servants. If you humble yourself before the least of you, Jesus will humble himself to you.

So, how can you apply that today? Take a moment and think of the people that you feel might highly respect you or look up to you. In most cases, they feel that you are superior to them. Now, once you have them in mind, next time you see them, do something unexpected for them. Maybe it is to buy them a cup of coffee, or let them have your seat and you stand, or just a conversation and find a way to tell them that you appreciate them. If you are wondering how that would make them feel, imagine someone you look up to and think about them doing it for you.

We all have opportunities in our day to day to be humble. Follow the example set by Jesus on his last night with his Disciples. It was that important to Him. It should be important to you as well.

David, 316 Ministry