Daily Devotion – What would you give up for God? 

Matthew 4:18-20 and Matthew 4:21-22

Would you be willing to give up everything to follow Jesus?

So, as we explore this idea, it is important to know that many of the same challenges we have today in life were the same in the time of Jesus. We get up in the morning, go to work, collected our paycheck, and pay our bills. That’s how the world goes around.

Most of the Apostles that were recruited in the Bible were ask/told to come follow Jesus. Without any hesitation, they dropped everything to follow him. Also keep in mind that they had just met Him but in that time, it was a great privilege to follow a Rabbi. Just to be asked was of great importance. So when Peter, Andrew, James, and John were asked, they jumped at the chance.

Jesus states that if you come to follow Him, all in, you will need to take up your cross to do it. We know that if you are going to take up your cross, that’s not a good thing and most likely will not end well for your human form.

As you start your day, you should think about, what kind of a person would I just give everything up and follow. Does knowing what you know now about Jesus help that choice? If that choice is that you would follow Jesus, then give it all to Him.

I have given up everything to Jesus. He supplies me what I need for the mission he has me on. Sometimes that includes a lot, sometimes that includes only a little, but is all from Him. If I spend all my time evaluating what I have or don’t have, I am not focusing on His mission for me.

He will always provide what I need for my journey. It is my job to figure out what to use and how to use it best to grow His Kingdom. 

David, 316 Ministry