Daily Devotion – Stick with It 🎤

As you prepare for your day, let’s take a look at Noah’s story of commitment and God’s blessing to protect his life.

Most important: Be consistent in your faith, even when it is not a popular choice

Today’s Scripture is Genesis 6:5-9 & 7:22-23

We all know parts of the story of Noah and the Flood. God asking Noah to build a big boat called an Ark, collect two of each animal of the world, and it rained for 40 days and 40 nights.

However, there is more to this story. It is a story about faith and trust. In our daily lives, it is Satan’s plan to always look for ways to challenge your faith. When that happens by a group of others, it can feel very lonely to stand by God. Sometimes it seems easier to just give in and say yes to the World and no to God.

This was not the case when God asked Noah to build the ark. Being a strong follower of God, Noah just did what God asked. Imagine the commitment that Noah had to endure for an incredible number of years. Imagine what everyone around him was doing. I would suspect that everyone was telling him he was crazy, not a cloud in the sky, not so much as a drizzle, and he is building a boat over dry land.

Noah felt very alone and isolated with a very large burden. However, with Noah’s faith also came God’s strength. Noah knew he was right doing what he was commanded to do by God. But, the temptation to give up must have been incredible.

As Noah learned, God is faithful to those who are faithful to Him. God rewards those who seek Him and follow his will. After the flood, Noah was to receive the greatest reward possible. To have his family and himself saved from the flood and to be the new Father of all the world, Wow. No pressure there…

Just as God strengthened Noah, God wants to strengthen you. And all he asks is that you don’t give up on Him. As we talked about in the last devotion, temptation is everywhere. Avoid temptation, be committed to God, and God will strengthen you in your faith.

Read Genesis 6: 5-7

  • Why is God so troubled by sin and “wickedness?”
  • Do you think God’s punishment is acceptable or too harsh? Why?
  • What do you think about verse 6 when it says “God’s heart was deeply troubled?”
  • Have you ever thought that your decisions affect God emotionally?

Read Genesis 6: 8-9

  • What does it mean that Noah was “righteous and blameless?”
  • Does God bless those who are faithful to Him and punish those who are not in our time? Why or Why not?

Noah spent many years dedicating himself to following what the Lord told Him to do. It couldn’t have been easy to stay committed to building something that took this long. In the end God came through and showed Noah how much it was worth it to stay faithful. Noah was selected because of his faith in God but that must have felt pretty lonely.

When you are outside Church, do you feel lonely being a Christian?

As we talked about, Noah must have been made fun of and teased constantly because of the task God had given him. Have you ever felt like being faithful to God wasn’t worth it?

Read Genesis 7:22-23

  • Noah’s whole story is a lesson of faithfulness and obedience. How are we ultimately blessed by being faithful and obedient to God even if it is not popular?
  • What do you think are the sacrifices we make when we are not faithful to God?

Let’s finish up with a scripture that encourages us to stick with our faith and pursuit of God even when it seems hard. 

Read Galatians 6:9

  • What kinds of challenges might keep you from staying faithful to God in your life right now?


Being consistent in your faith even when it isn’t popular will ultimately lead to being blessed and protected by God.