Daily Devotion – Resist Temptation 🎤

Temptations will always exist but with God, you always have a reason to resist.

Scripture we will be talking about is Genesis 3:1-13

We all know the story of Adam and Eve, also known as The Fall. Satan quickly enters the story. He tries to get God’s greatest creation to disobey God. He tricks them to believe they will be like God if they disobey him. Many things about this story are still true today in our lives. Temptation is all around us. This causes us to weigh the option to follow God’s word or our own desires. You will face temptation every day.

Temptation causes you to doubt the decision to fully commit to God’s word. Following God’s word and avoiding temptation can sometimes seem boring. Sometimes what the World sees as acceptable may be Temptation. The truth is, consistently choosing to follow God’s word and make the sacrifices is a blessing in the long run. Temptation is challenging and Satan is sneaky. The popular direction might take you away from God’s path. You may think you are alone when you resist temptation. If you follow God’s direction, you will never be alone. Our hope is to help you identify temptation in your life and arm you on how to combat it.

Sometimes resisting temptation can be an unpopular decision and you will get pressure to change your mind. It is God’s desire to protect us from what might harm us in the World.

He wants a good relationship with us built on trust. That trust comes from us believing that his ways are best.

Read Genesis 3: 1-5

Why do you think God even allows Satan to be involved in our lives?

Wouldn’t it be easier if God didn’t let him even tempt us in the first place?

How is Satan “crafty” in our culture and specifically with your friend group?

Here is verse 1 again. Satan tries to get Eve to question God’s word.

– What are some examples of how our culture tries to contradict God’s word?

   – What does our culture justify as acceptable?

Read Genesis 3: 6-13

Why do you think Eve ultimately gave in and ate the fruit? (Maybe she decided what was best for herself)

  • What does it actually mean in verse 7 when it says “their eyes were opened?”
  • It says they hid from God and they were also afraid of God. Why does giving into temptation make hiding from God (shame) and fear of God a reality?

Temptation is a challenge at all ages. It is something you have to learn to deal with. Using God’s word helps us understand the challenge but also shows us that there are consequences that comes with giving in. Let’s talk about two points that can help you:

  • You have to decide… Do you trust God’s word enough to resist your own desires?
  • Do you feel God’s word limits your enjoyment of life?
  • Do you feel like being a Christian is boring when everyone else is doing what they want?

Temptations make promises they can’t keep. Eating the fruit was a temporary enjoyment that had long-term consequences.

  • If you think back to a time that you gave in to temptation, was it worth it? Did you feel guilty?

Think about some ways you can prepare to be strong and not give into temptation.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13

You will not be tempted beyond what you can bear.

  • What does the first sentence of that verse actually mean? (We all face the same temptations so we can help each other deal with them)
  • If God is with us in our temptations, how can we use Him to not give into them? By using prayer and fortifying our heart with His word
  • If we give into temptation what should be our response instead of hiding and being scared of God? (Admit wrong doing, seek forgiveness, and learn)


Temptations will always exist but with God you always have a reason and a way to resist.