Daily Devotion – Take God with You

2 Kings 5 – The story of Naaman who was healed of Leprosy

When you think you want a relationship with God, but you are not sure, you might be tested if you go into the relationship as a taker only. God will still give, but you might be asked to work a bit harder for it.Β 

Most of the time, that test is more for you then it is for Him. He does this because sometimes it is hard to let go of your old ways. 

Once you have God in your life, it is important to take Him where ever you go. When you go back to your ways before you found God, don’t put God on hold until it is convenient to worship Him again. Tell everyone in your old life what God has done for you. Tell them your story and what you have learned. 

You can tell them how God saved you and how you have changed because of your faith. Just remember, there is only one true God and he is a jealous God. He would say, stay with Me because I am always with you.Β 

When you go back to your life before God, take him with you.