Free: Getting Out of Debt

316 Ministry will be holding an online session on some ideas on how to get out of debt or to avoid it all together. Sometimes debt is just a natural part of life but it can very easily overwhelm your budget and your income to cover it. Just to be clear, this is not a financial advisor session. We will be covering some topic that help you make better decisions around your spending.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the purpose of a budget
  • Set up a debt payment plan
  • Lower your interest rates
  • What is a debt to income ratio
  • Credit card management
  • What is debt consolidation
  • What is the snowball method of paying off debt

We expect this session to be about 30 minutes but might run longer dependent on how many questions we have.

This event is free and is offered by 316 Ministry.

Zoom details will be added here once the class has been scheduled. If you are interested in this class, please send a quick email to and we will notify you when the class is available.