316 Ministry Project: Reset the Table

In 2021, the population in the state of Florida was 21.78 million people. In 2022 it is estimated that there are 25,810 men, women, and children homeless in Florida. That is less than 1%. That doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize that there are 25,810 individuals that don’t have a place to sleep, may not have a meal today, they don’t have a place to shower, and they might live in a tent or a box.

We are a 501(c)3 organization which is a not-for-profit company. We have chosen this organizational structure because we have taken it upon ourselves to be the advocates for both sides of this very challenging problem. Those that are in need and those that want to help.

We have a way that with just a few clicks you can make a significant difference in someones life. Direct impact! Nothing goes to waste and everything makes a difference. You chose what you send.

Please visit us at Project: Reset the Table for more information.